En vit älg i Värmland

The white moose

The white moose in Värmland are famous both in Sweden and abroad! Most of them live in the western and northern part of Värmland and you have good chances to encounter the mighty animal.

White moose in Scandinavia are rare and experts estimate there are just 100 of them in Sweden out of the total population of approximately 400 000 moose. Most of them can be found in the western and northern part of Värmland.


Why are there white moose?

Despite the animal's all-white appearance, its colouring is not due to albinism, a congenital condition that results in a loss of pigmentation. Cases of albinism in animals and in people result in light or pinkish-coloured eyes. Moose with bright white fur more commonly obtain this feature from a recessive gene that causes the animal to grow white hair with specks of brown—a condition referred to as piebald.

An encounter to remember

To catch a glimpse of a moose in its natural surroundings – especially a white one – is always a very special and unforgettable moment for many of our visitors. To see the mighty king of the forest coming out of the woods like in a fairy tale is an unforgettable sight.  

In our area the chances for you to see a moose, even a white one, are very good. Join one of the guided tours and you will learn more about the moose, animals and nature in our area.

For those who prefer to go searching on their own, we ask that you be considerate so as not to disturb the animals in their natural habitat as well as property owners and traffic in the area.


This film in social media turned the white moose into an international celebrity:




Another popular video from the white moose here in our area:



Värmlands white moose in media:



Just for fun some glimpses of the moose' life:



The female moose “Olivia” was saved by family Lind only 5 days old. She became one of the family until she moved into a moose park at the age of four. Here a cut from the Swedish news ( in Swedish):