Daring Challenges in Arvika

Climb high amongst the treetops, bike down the Rackstadbacken or experience an enounter with the king of the forest! Here are some of our suggestions for exciting things to do in Arvika!

Rockstad Downhill Trail

Rocksta Downhill Trail is a trail at Rackstadbacken apx. 5 km north of Arvika. It has a 900 meter long adrenaline inducing biketrail during the snowless months. The first challenge is getting up the steep hill with your bike, but the effort has its reward: a beautiful view over lake Racken with stunning surroundings! Don´t hurry down the hill as soon as you get up - bring some snacks and have a Swedish fika at the top! After the fika you need to sharpen your concentration again to get down the hill because with a MTB the speed can get extremely fast. But don´t let this scare you. With some experience the whole family can enjoy the 95 metre drop and the 900 metre downhilltrail. The jumps and turns however do require more experience. 

There are many more trails in Arvika suited for MTB. You find them here: www.bikeinarvika.com

From tree to tree in the High Rope Course

When all the security ropes are on and the professional instructors at Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter have informed you about your adventure, it´s easy to get up to the first platform! Here is when the real challenge begins: now you have to make your way between the treetops via hanging bridges, ropes and jumps. Experience feelings of delight mingled with terror when you move around the treetops. Take the time to enjoy the beautiful view of lake Glafsfjorden while you're up there. Before you know it you´ll have accomplish more then you thought you could and beside from a guaranteed kick of adrenaline you´ll feel proud and happy you had a once in a lifetime experience!

This activity is perfect for you looking for a adrenaline filled experience for the whole family and who wants to experience a different kind of adventure and challenge together.

Thrilling experiences can turn into a peaceful holiday

You can feel one with nature in many different ways. Hunting is one. The peaceful waiting, searching and tracking that hunting entails is a very common practive here in Sweden. It is seen as an exciting adventure which involves a varied terrain in all wheathers, whre you spend many hours in the cool autumn air and and watch the beautiful coulour shifts. To stay silent and observe while waiting with anticipation for the animal to show. An experience thats can be both adrenaline filled and peaceful. 

Tvällens Fritidsstugor can help you experience hunting during the hunting season. They specialize in hunting with or without a guide in the nature surrounding the northern parts of Arvika Municapilty. They offer accommodation and living in lodges next to lake Tvällen. 

Horsepower adventure

A winter wonderland as far as the eye can see. The snow glitters in the wintersun as you drive through the landscape on a snowmobile. An adventure with speed and wind in your hair. At Fredros Gård they offer a snowmobile safari along with the possibility of getting a driving liscence for terain scooter. 

Looking for an individual adventure?

Have you ever heard a wolf howl? Do you want to meet animals in their own environment with respect and knowledge, maybe during a hike, with or without a guide? Have you always dreamt of camping in the wilderness on a winter evening?

Arvika offers the perfect surroundings for such adventures, and Outside Adventure Sweden can fulfill your wishes. 

Come face to face with the king of the forest

ur wishes. Have you ever dreamt of seeing a mosse in the wild? Then go on a moose safari with Arvika Adventures! The experienced guide have a great knowledge about the majestic animal and its surroundings, and can give you an experience you won't forget!

Utmana dig själv på Höghöjdsbanan.
Utmana dig själv på Höghöjdsbanan.
Upplev ditt eget äventyr i vår fantastiska natur året om.
Upplev ditt eget äventyr i vår fantastiska natur året om.
Full fart nerför Rackstadbacken.
Full fart nerför Rackstadbacken.