Information about Covid-19

Here we collect some brief, official information about Covid-19 for visitors who are in or intend to visit Arvika.

Effects on events, museums, public life

Events with more than 50 visitors (500 until 29 march) are currently officially prohibited in Sweden, but the spread of the Corona infection has affected even smaller events, places of interest and our public life. Several events like concerts, performances and exhibitions in Arvika and Värmland, can be cancelled, sometimes with short notice. The museums, hotels and other accommodations as well as restaurants and shops are open at the time being and welcome their guests. They all follow the current regulations from the authorities concerning hygiene and the guest is asked to do the same. Please observe, that opening hours might be changed, even with short notice. We ask you to contact the organiser or place you want to visit in advance – just to be sure. You are, of course, also welcome to contact us at the Tourist Information Centre and we will do our outmost to help you, tel +46 (0)570-817 90.


Official information and regulations

The Public Health Agency of Sweden advises all those with symptoms like cough, fever, sore throat etc, even mild, to avoid social contact in order to avoid infecting others. Stay at home if you feel unwell and wait at least two days after you have recovered before socialize again. You can read more about Covid-19 at Sweden’s official site for emergency information from Swedish authorities.


Travel to Sweden

In response to the European Council’s and the European Commission’s call for travel restrictions, the Government decided to temporarily stop non-essential travel to Sweden so as to mitigate the effects of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and reduce the spread of the disease.

The entry ban applies primarily to foreign citizens attempting to enter Sweden from a country outside the EEA or from Switzerland. The entry ban does not affect travel from another EU country to Sweden, nor does it apply to Swedish citizens. The entry ban does not affect travel from another EU country to Sweden. The decision takes effect on 19 March and will initially apply for 30 days. This is an exceptional measure that will not apply for longer than necessary. Read more.


Questions about your bookings?

For questions about your bookings of accommodation or activities we ask you to contact the organiser directly.

Concerning bookings of private cottages / rooms placed with us at the Tourist Information Centre for the near future, you are welcome to contact us for requested changes. In case you booked one of our private cottages for the summer, you do not need to worry at the moment. Payment is in general made 30 days before arrival and cancellation due to illness is possible. Are you planning to visit Arvika this summer you are welcome to book one of our cottages already now. We do observe the Corona situation and regulations from the authorities currently and will help you with questions and will do our outmost to solve possible problems.  

På hittar du den sensate informationen.
På hittar du den sensate informationen.