Sjöutsikt från vanring i Glaskogen

Glaskogens nature reserve, Värmlands biggest hikingdestination

Glaskogens Nature Reserve, an eldorado for the naturelover. Over 30 000 naturelovers visit Glaskogen every year - be one of them! It is astonashing the amount of people from all over the world who come to little Värmland to visit a rather large nature reserve. Every year tens of thousands of tourists from mostly Germany and the Netherlands visit this beautiful landmark but it has also become an oasis for the locals and is visited every year by local schoolclasses.

Ger from Holland has hiked here for 20 years

One of Glaskogens many frequent visitors is Ger Sanders from Holland, he has this to say about Glaskogen: "Ever since my boyfriend and I first went to Glaskogen, the summer of 2004, it has dominated our hearts. A calm place in a delightful environment. Throughout the years we have seen many moose and beavers during our canoetrips, we have seen eagles and we have also seen lynx! Glaskogen is the perfect place for hiking. Every year we spend 4 weeks in Sweden and almost every year we visit Glaskogen, because it is our favourite place."


Glaskogen is a naturereserve owned by the foundation Glaskogen which consists of four founding counties; Arvika, Eda, Säffle and Årjäng which was established in 1972. Most of Glaskogen is in Arvika county, along with the heart of Glaskogen; Lenungshammar. In Lenungshammar you can find an information centre, a wonderful wildlifecamping, tentgrounds, rental canoes, Café Carl and a small shop. 


The wildlifecamping is one of only two in all of Sweden, there are campervans spread out in nature. The campers get to experience being in the middle of the forest with out any other people in sight, but if you look through the trees you might be able to spot your neighbors. So you can get an authentic outdoors experience but under safe circumstances.

Café Carl

In the newly built Café Carl on the Herrgårdsbacken you can enjoy a swedish fika, traditional swedish coffee and cakes, all summer long in an amazing atmosphere either infront of an open fire on a rainy day or outside against the sunwall. The café is walking distance from the camping and the information centre so it is often a daily routine for the guests to walk there from the camping. This is also where Glaskogens "Nature and Culturepath" begins which is perfect for those walking in less equipt shoes or those with a pram. H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria, on one of her statevisits through Sweden, even visited this path. The path is 5 km long and has several information signs that explain the geological and the historic attractions that our situated on the path. 


Glaskogen has a very long lineage and therefore there are many ancient remnants like stoneagesettlements and trapholes in the area. In the 17th century many Finns came to Glaskogen and lived there. They disforested the ground with help from slash and burn agriculture and therefore a part of the forest is called "Finnskogen". Glaskogen also has a long-standing labourtradition in the shape of several ironworks, copparworks and sawshops. IN 1857 a glassshop opened its doors next to the lake Stora Gla. Handblown windowglass has been a famous product from Glava Glasbruk for many years and can nowadays be seen in it´s own museum at Glava Glasbruk. 

Naturereserve Hiking in Värmland

Many backpackers, families and single hikers come back year after year and can´t even imagine a year without visiting Glaskogen. The naturereserve is 28 000 ha big and there is over 30 km of hiking trails, it is known that it is rare that you ever cross the same trail twice. The reservation has many places to have a break with windshelters equipt with wood and cabins for overnight stays to ensure that everything is prepared for a unforgetable holiday. If you want to hike in Värmland then Glaskogen is the place for you! A nature reservation in Sweden has never been more right!

Ger Sanders har vandrat i Glaskogen i 20 år.
Photo credit: Vandring i Glaskogens Naturreservat
Ger Sanders har vandrat i Glaskogen i 20 år.
Ta en paus på mysiga Café Carl
Photo credit: Ta en paus i mysiga Café Carl
Ta en paus på mysiga Café Carl
Vacker solnedgång i Glaskogen
Photo credit: Solnedgång i Glaskogen
Vacker solnedgång i Glaskogen