Arvika Walks

In Arvika it's easy to go for a hike. Here is plenty of different paths to choose from. Apart from the Arvika Walks there are also:

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Lookout tower with view of Arvika town and countryside.

Storkasberget info och karta


Tree hiking paths with startingpoint at Jössestugan southeast of lake Racken. Hikes with great views.

Jössefors info och karta


A nature reserve with interesting landscape scene, flora and fauna. Here are hiking paths that are accessible with wheelchair and also more rocky ones. Along the way you will pass ancient remains, shelters, fire places and lookouts. 

Hertigparets vandringsled

The hiking path in the nature reserve of Byamossarna consists partly of footbridges. The path goes around the lake Stenstjärnet and right by the lake you find a beautifully located shelter. 

Pilgrim routes

The pilgrim route starts at Lurö in Vänern and crosses through Arvika municipality. From Sömne in the south to all the way up to Eda and then further on through Norway.  The path is well parked with the sign of pilgrims. 

Pilgrimsleden Gladisvall- Glava

Pilgrim route Gladisvall

Pilgrimsleden Glava- Älgå

Pilgrim route Glava