Sweden's innermost harbour

Sweden's innermost harbour

Arvika has Sweden's "innermost harbour" in connection with the sea, which can be reached through various canal and sluice systems. The waterway and the port have always been important to Arvika and the development of the area. Any commercial boat traffic is not currently available to or from Arvika port, but boating is still popular. The department of "Planering och utveckling" (development) is in charge of the port of Arvika, tel. +46 570 816 00. For more information about the yacht harbour in Arvika and other smaller ports in the municipality, please contact the association in charge.

Guest harbour

Close to the center of Arvika is a summer open marina with ten moorings. More information on opening hours and service: Arvika Tourist Information Center, tel. + 46 570 817 90.

The Viking Trail

The waterway between Säffle and Arvika has been named "The Viking Trail." The waterway follows Byälven and passes the sluice in Säffle, the lakes Harefjorden, Björnöfjorden and Glafsfjorden and various bridges - a distance of 80 km or 43.2 NM. More information: Maritime Administration, Vänern Maritime Traffic Area, tel. +46 520 47 22 07 or sea chart no. 134 and Svensk Lots del 1 (Swedish Pilot, Part 1). The Viking Trail extends to Sulvik in the north end of lake Glafsfjorden and by boat lift you can there reach additional lake systems.