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Some of the maps we sell at the Arvika Tourist Information Center you can order here.

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Bankgiro: 861-8852 
Swish: 123 230 04 57, Arvika Turistbyrå

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Bankgiro: 861-8852 
IBAN SE83 8000 0843 1905 3072 3733
Westra Wermlands Sparbank, Box 19, 67121 Arvika.



Detailed map on the surroundings of Arvika and Eda with indications for things worth seeing with description. Several hiking trails in the area are marked on the map. Useful map for those who want to explore the area around Arvika by car, bicycle and/or by foot. Scale 1:100 000.

Price within Sweden: 100 SEK (incl. postage)
Price to abroad: 111 SEK (incl. postage)



Detailed map of the hiking trails in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve on a scale 1:50 000. Hiking tracks, canoe routes, the overnight cabins and more. The map is water resistant.

Price within Sweden: 136 SEK (incl. postage)
Price to abroad: 147 SEK (incl. postage).


”19 walks and a trip by car”
Booklet with 19 hiking tours and a car trip in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve.

Price within Sweden: 48 SEK (incl. postage)
Price to abroad: 58 SEK (incl. postage).



Booklet on the hiking trail ”Finnskogsleden” wtih maps and practical information. 
Finnskogsleden is a 240 km long hiking trail from Morokulien in the south to Trysil in the north and goes along both sides of the Swedish-Norwegian border.
The booklet is available in Norwegian and English. Indicate the requested language when ordering. 

Price within Sweden: 236 SEK (incl. postage)
Price to abroad: 257 SEK (incl. postage)


This brochure aims to inspire glorious hikes in Arvika’s beautiful nature. Here you will find short and long hiking trails to suit both the experienced hiker and newcomers. A simple map and short description of the trails in Swedish and English.

Price within Sweden: 31 SEK (incl. porto)
Price  to abroad: 42 SEK (incl. porto)