365 lakes - Sweden's innermost harbour

In Arvika, you can discover a new lake every day for a year! Here you'll find excellent opportunities for canoeing, boat trips, fishing and swimming. Did you know that Arvika has Sweden's innermost harbour with connection to the sea?

Discover Arvika by canoe

It is magical to discover the nature in Arvika by canoe! Arvika has something to offer for everyone when it comes to canoeing, whether you are a pro or beginner. Miles and miles of water stretching through the landscape. Large wild lakes to narrow winding rivers.

“Water, the city is full of water”

- Robert Broberg


There are endless fishing opportunities in Arvika! Several companies also offer guided fishing tours tailored to your needs. Test your fishing luck today!

You can buy fishing licenses to all fishing areas at Arvika Tourist Information Center. Psst... did you know it's free to fish in lake Kyrkviken?